Friday, 20 November 2015

W.A.L.T. write similes to make our writing vivid and exciting.

We lit a a whole lot of fireworks it was like a party. By Tarelle.

The Roman Candles exploded like a bomb. By Roxci

A banger exploded like a lightning bolt.  By Marama.

One firework exploded and twirled, it was smokey and it squiggled like a snake. By Ocean-Lee.

A skyrocket went shootingup in the sky BANG, BOOM!  it shot up like lightning. By Maia

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Our fireworks art using perspective.

Making poi and preparing for the waiata performance.

Making smoothies with our new Magic Bullet.

On week 2 and 3 our students were the first in the whanau teina syndicate to use the new Magic Bullet.
We  invented new recipes using bananas, apples, oranges and pears. We found it took longer than 10 seconds to make a smoothly and it is better to add some water.
Here's Jades selfie with the Magic Bullet.
We had to write a list of rules so we were safe using the bullet and so it didn't blow up!   

Monday, 26 October 2015

Room two made fake glasses on Friday. We are trying to awhai the people who have new glasses. Thank you to the people at "One Sight'. Charles can read better, Harmony can see and learn better,Samicia was the first to wear her new glasses and Marama loves her pink glasses.

Here's a picture with Walter in it too.

Narrative story
Max the Merboy
My merboy is called Max he has sparkly fins. He lives in a palace. He has a sparkly palace with a bubble elevator to get to the top.
Oh! no the dolphins are trapped I have to save them! thought Max.  The sharks was in the net.He was trying to eat the dolphins. Max cut the rope with his knife and the dolphins were free.
Max killed the shark.
"yah! I am a hero!" said Max.
Max saved the dolphins. One dolphin said "we're save here, thank you Max"

by Alfonze

Friday, 16 October 2015


A narrative story by SaAnDreas

My merboy is called Diesel. He has blue shorts and green hair. His eyes are sparkly the sparkles are green and blue. He lives in a palace under the water.
The pirates were sailing across the water. They found an island and stopped. They didn't see Diesal the merboy watching.The island had treasure buried in a cave. It belonged to the mermaids.The pirates found the treasure map.
They dropped the map in the water and it got wet. They couldn't see the X mark. The treasure got lost
.The pirates got a metal detector. They found the treasure.The pirates were happy but Diesal was angry.