Monday, 5 May 2014


  1. 19 March it's room two's turn with the unicycles. Danielle is showing us that we should not wear our pink wheelie shoes on the skate boards because we will lose our grip and fall off.
    Ryan wrote;Room 2 used the wheelies this week and I used the unicycles. At first I fell off the unicycle. Next I got a sore and it hurt... I nearly cried.Now I know how to ride a unicycle.
    Marama and Cody-Kheian are showing us how to solve the problem of getting started. They used the wooden rail and someones shoulder to help get the right balance and position before they started.

  2. 10 April Pictures 3,4,5 and 6 Show room two's trip to Monument Hill. We had a treasure hunt. the children found ice-block sticks. You can see us being silly with them - it was fun. When we got back we got an ice-block as our treasure. Vivian choose an orange on.

  3. 26 March the last picture. Bob came and taught us about musical instruments.
    Leah wrote; Bob told us about musical instruments. My favorite is the harp. It almost made me fall asleep. It is a wonderful instrument it sings lovely - just like magic in my ears. He played the harp it sounded amazing. The harp is a wonderful instrument.