Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wild Pig Hits Car

                                                    20 May 2014

WILD PIG HITS CAR             
Over the weekend people were hunting for wild pigs then they scared a pig out of the bush and on to the road. Mrs Stirling hit the pig with her car. She saw the pig and braked but then she hit the pig.  Her car stopped.
Mrs Stirling got a fright. The car got a flat tyre and needs to go to the panel beaters to be fixed.                                                    
 We did not know how badly the pig was hurt but it limped away and fell over.

By Piripi Cates


  1. This is a cool story by river room 11

  2. We like your story Piripi.What a bad day for the pig! Did the people who were hunting look for the pig?
    Room 1