Friday, 3 July 2015

Room two fly Matariki kites. on the first day of July

 My kite flew as high as sky tower,
as wobbly as a jet,
as swift as a bike,
It dived like a scooter out of control.
By Samicia
 My kite flew as high as sky tower,
as high as a bird
like a cheetah running
as wobbly as an elephant
My kite dived like a dolphin
by Gibson
 My kite flew as high as the solarsystem,
as swift as a cheetah,
as wobbly as an elephant,
My kite dived like like a an eagle
by Helam

My kite flew like a bird,
as high as a rimu tree,
As swift as a motorbike,
like an aeroplane,
As Wobbly as jelly
My kite dived like an eagle,
by Roxci

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