Wednesday, 5 August 2015

SanAnDreas wrote. Room two rambled in the bush.
 I saw green leaves. It was spooky. I heard birds.

Room two rumbled into the bush. I saw sharp leaves.
 And I saw some heart leaves. I saw a spider crawling up
 the tree. I heard a butterfly flapping its wings in the sky.
 By Maia
Room two rambled in the bush. I saw birds and trees.
I heard birds sing. I heard the wind. by Ammoron.

I saw trees floating there leafs in the bush.
And I felt bark on the ground.
Room two went for a walk.
and saw some birds.
By Maia and Tiana paired writing.  
Roxci wrote:Room two rambled for a walk in the bush.
I saw spike y leaves. I saw a strip of black and brown
bark on the forest floor. I heard birds tweeting.

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