Friday, 14 August 2015

Room two read a poem called 'Catmoflague' by Judith Woodham.
Here are some descriptions we wrote telling what cats look like and what they like to do. We  watched a cat hunting on youtube and used the experience to develop personal voice.

My cat has a soft fluffy face. and a black nose. It has green and blue eyes. My cats mouth is big and it has sharp teeth. Its whiskers are as long as a pencil. 
Cats need to hunt for food. they stalk mice to eat. The cat waits frozen still like a statue...then it pounces like a kangaroo.
By Samicia

My cat has a black nose and its eyes are blue. Its mouth is little. 
the body is all gray and it has black stripes. 
My cat hunts mice.He starts stalking the mouse quietly. In slow motion he creeps up on the mouse and pounces like a dolphin diving through the water. The mouse stays still .The cats gets him and starts chucking the mouse up in the air.
By Twinkles.

My cat has big fur all around it. Its face is small and it has a blue nose.  
I felt scared when I saw the cat hunting a mouse. I covered my eyes. I was getting angry.
 I would say "Shoo cat!" 
I had a shocked face.   by Ryan

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