Friday, 25 September 2015

26 September
 PIRATES VS MERMAIDS ( and MERMEN). Room two painted the sun and made costumes. There were five students who had acting parts. We all sang 'Out of your League' it was awesome.  

The boys painted scales on their arms so they would look like merboys.

The girls painted their nails because mermaids like sparkly things.

Here's a merboy that we copied. We made our own fish pendants. Look for them in the next photo.

Just before we went up to sing our song we were feeling anxious about being on stage.

Here we are singing our song on stage.

We painted the sun in the background. Mrs Stirling and Robyn painted the face from 'Maui and  the Sun'..Kingston helped to paint it he said it looked  looked awfully scary.
The actors said it was cool and  they were a little bit shy about performing. They were excited and like the  beautiful make they got to wear. It was hard work

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