Monday, 14 September 2015

We designed a costume for a mermaid and merboy.  Here are some of our descriptions.
 My merboy is called Spike. His hair is meanage. It's teased and waved.
by Bless

My merboy is called Spikey. His hair is blue and green and its wavy  like seaweed. His eyes are sparkly like sparkly glitter. His scales are gorgeous rainbow colours.  spikey's fin is as strong as a big rock.
by Gibson

My merboy is called  Gasper. His hair is straight and short. He has black hair it is a tiny number one cut. My merboy likes to go in the sea.
by Lyncon

My merboy is called Spidey. His hair is blue and it waves. His fin is strong and his scales are sparkly.  by Ammoron

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